Update 1.5 7-10-22

staircase process
more staircase shots in game
a simple dice game

Update 1.4 6-17-22

modelling and rigging npcs and modelling new location
NPC offering quest, interior of location involved in quest
placeholders for some NPCs in the new quest location
interior design process

Update 1.3 5-30-22

werewolf character process
werewolf model and texture
3d view of werewolf

Update 1.2 5-19-22

modelling haunted house
delivering stuff to the blacksmith for the innkeeper
you have to climb this tree and hop on to the balcony

Update 1.1 4-25-22

the gate to the haunted house
the front door is guarded by giant cubes (will be werewolves or something)
the door was locked until this guy appears and gives you the key
the evil vampire and the damsel in distress
after rescuing the DID, the key man invites you to his circle of friends to discuss magical quest item x
another werewolf appears and steals the magical quest item
following the werewolf to an underground passage
the journey through the passage is filled with obstacles that you must button press to get through
the way out
more giant cube enemies block your path to the top
the evil werewolf lair at the top of the mountain
a boss fight ensues, probably. the magical quest item is yours for the taking
recovering quest item x triggers a trap door. you've fallen for one of the classic blunders!